Ahoy Mateys! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day this month which got us thinking about the pirates who sailed the Carolina Coast so many years ago looking for treasure. The idea of discovering a chest of gold is certainly appealing, but there is a reason pirates don’t sail the high seas any longer. Treasure can be a bit more elusive! How do we define treasure today?

At Team Pogue, we know how valuable wealth can be, especially in the form of real estate. A large part of our responsibility as real estate agents is helping our clients increase their home values and, when the time is right, cash in their home equity when they sell their properties.  It’s our job to market the aspects of your home that make it special.

Whether it is bringing in a staging company to make your space more appealing to buyers or hiring a professional photographer to take just the right picture of your kitchen, our team works hard every day to help you maximize the value you get for your home. It certainly feels great to help our clients find that kind of treasure!

But, we also understand the value of relationships and how they can impact every aspect of our lives. Whether you are deciding whether or not to make a move, managing a move around a loved one’s health concerns, or negotiating a contract with a potential home buyer, real estate transactions can be a very personal and emotional business. That’s why it is important to have a real estate agent who understands your concerns and goals who can support you through every step of the process. At Team Pogue, we care about our clients who are also (or will be) our friends and neighbors. We treasure those relationships each and every day!

It’s that Personal Touch we add to every aspect of our listings that helps Team Pogue stand out time and time again with our clients. After all, its our job to help you sell your home – or our agents WALK THE PLANK!

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