Termite Coverage TipsMany homeowners don’t realize that termite damage is not covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy.  Here in the southeast, termites are a very real concern. The most common technique for treating termite infestations is the soil-applied barrier treatment, however, termite treatments have evolved over the years and many companies have gone to bait stations. The good news is that all of the homes in SCCL were treated when they were built. The company that did the treatment charges for a yearly inspection to keep the bond and/or warranty current. Over time, many homeowners have either let their policy lapse or chose to self-treat.  Once the bond or warranty lapses, reinstating it can be costly. In this case, there are options and other types of warranties are available for a charge.

The bottom line? It is best to keep your current bond or warranty in place & transfer it to the new homeowner.

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