If you are considering a move and are asking yourself this question, you aren’t alone! Not surprisingly, with Sun City homes in high demand in the real estate market, many residents are considering a move. They want to take advantage of the higher sales prices sellers are receiving for their homes. Along with this incentive, however, comes the challenge of figuring out where they will live next. While some people are willing to move into apartments for a year or two with hopes of re-entering the home ownership market when the prices cool off, others prefer to find a place to buy before they sell. This means that many sellers not only care about the price, but also about having some control over the closing date so they can coordinate a move to their new home.

At Team Pogue, our agents understand these dynamics of a move. With 13 years of experience working with buyers and sellers in Sun City, we can help you determine the right listing price that will help your home sell at the best price. Our experienced team will help you negotiate the closing date to coordinate the timing of your move. And, most importantly, we can help you find your next home. Whether you are looking to rent and wait for the market to settle down, or to buy immediately, we are here to help!

With Team Pogue, our clients are also our friends and neighbors. We see them at the grocery store, at the Lake House, or just walking through the neighborhood. So, when we say It’s Personal, we mean it! Call Laura or Andrea today to discuss your options.

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