If you ask me why I love living in Sun City, I answer without hesitation – I live here because of my fabulous neighbors! The first weekend after my husband Mike and I moved in, several neighbors rang our doorbell and invited themselves in for a visit. We instantly felt welcomed to the neighborhood and now we regularly spend time with our neighbors at monthly “Fun Friday” block parties, holiday parties, and POD golf outings and lunches! And if that isn’t enough, Sun City Carolina Lakes has so much to do on the calendar. We are busier than we have been in years!  We moved to the area to live closer to our family. Since then, they were relocated across the country, but MIke and I are happy here in Sun City and don’t want to leave!

Andrea and I were sharing our stories one day. She moved here from California and found the “southern hospitality” that our region is so well known for to be truth, not myth! What a wonderful refreshing surprise to meet people who genuinely want to hear your answer when they ask, “How are you today?”

We wondered if our friends and neighbors feel the same way – so we asked some of our neighbors who stopped to visit at our last Coffee at the Lake House why they love living in Sun City! Many people like living here because they have an active social life in the community. Others enjoy their close relationships with friends and neighbors who they also can count on to pick up their mail and keep an eye on the house when they travel. Everyone we spoke to has found people in the community that they enjoy and can relate to! We are fortunate to live in Sun City Carolina Lakes – where the community and amenities live up to the “hype!”

Here’s what the residents we spoke to had to say…

“Safety – It feels very secure here and the best part is my house is ‘paid for’!”  -Helen Ryder

“I need all day to tell you the many reasons why! I am from NY and it took me 2 yrs to get here.  It is like Disney World for adults or a Cruise ship that doesn’t leave port!” -Becky Espar

“I am the President of the Singles Club –  we have increased membership to 275 members.  We go to movies, dinner, cocktail parties, dine-in, dine-out, cookouts and much more.  The club is very active and is no pressure.” -Phyllis Drivas

“I like the people in the community, the camaraderie of the residents and the facilities are great!” -Joe Ditchman

“I like being busy and I work out 6 days a week. My husband and I go separate ways because there is lots to do for both of us.  We live close to our neighbors and they keep watch while we travel.”  -Carol Evenson

“I enjoy the social events, clubs, and yoga.  I just got back from a River Cruise in Europe!” – Mina Dale

“The people are very friendly, welcoming and the activities are wonderful.  There are lots of people here from West Virginia.” -Joe Renn

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