Softball was one of the HOTTEST things in Sun City Memorial Day weekend. Despite the 90 degree weather, a crowd of over 400 showed up to cheer on the Sun City Senior Softball Team play against the Indian Land High School Lady Warriors. The exhibition game was fun for everyone and it was great to see spectators and players alike laughing and smiling throughout the game. During the final inning, everyone was entertained when the 70+ men attempted to hit the girls’ fast pitching. Most of the Lady Warriors in the outfield sat down for a break while the men tried to make contact with the ball! However, the men turned the tables during the second half of the inning when they served up slow pitches to the Lady Warriors. The girls had a hard time waiting for the slow pitched balls to make it to the plate and made very little contact with the balls. Their Coach, Monica Barfield, even took a turn at bat and was a good sport as she struck out! The Lady Warriors won their Division and Region this year and made it all the way to the State Championships, however, they are happy they don’t play slow pitch softball! We are thrilled that $742 was raised passing the hat around the bleachers, funds were raised with concession sales, and Team Pogue was proud to donate $250 bringing the total proceeds to over $1000, all of which benefit the Indian Land High School Lady Warriors. Thanks to the Sun City Men’s Softball Club for planning this annual exhibition and fundraiser, an event everyone in the community can look forward to each year!

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