Real Estate in Sun City continues to be in demand – prospective buyers are waiting in the wings for a home that fits their needs. We’ve found that many buyers are looking for the same features in a property, which is why we have seen multiple bids on many of our listings in recent months. Here are a few tips to sell your house quickly:

Well Maintained

Buyers are looking for a property that does not need any major repairs.

Spick and Span

Take the time to professionally and thoroughly clean your home before selling. A home that is clean and smells fresh is valuable to a buyer. It also eliminates any concerns about mold, smoke, pet stains, etc.

Great Curb Appeal

Wash the exterior of your home. Freshen up flowers and take care of any overgrown bushes or weeds. First impressions make all of the difference.


A house with full closets and personal decor not only makes it harder for a buyer to imagine themselves living there, but also indicates that you haven’t started thinking about your move. A home that is uncluttered sends a signal to the prospective buyer that you are ready to move.

Neutral Paint

Everyone has their own sense of style. A home with neutral paint colors helps a buyer imagine their own decor and furniture in the space.

Recently Updated

If you have done any recent upgrades, this will put your home at the top of every prospective buyer’s list. Updates make a home feel modern and new!

Priced Right

More than ever, listing your home at the right price is extremely important. You want to maximize the sales price of your home, but listing too high can scare buyers away. Our team is ready and available to help you consider these issues when you list your property.

If you have questions, call Team Pogue today to discuss your options at 803-504-1111. We are here to provide Real Estate with a Personal Touch!

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