Many of us have been working all of our lives to provide a secure income for our family and a nice home large enough to accommodate them all. Now that we are active adults, many of us are empty nesters and don’t necessarily need all of that space we once did. Yet, we hang on to the larger home. If you find yourself asking “Should I downsize?” Here are some reasons why you might want to seriously consider downsizing.

Retirement Income

Maybe now is the time to sell your home and consider a downsize. In today’s market, you are likely to make a profit on your home sale that you can invest, and you may lower costs on the buy side with lower property taxes. Its a financial win!

Home Maintenance

A larger home also means more home maintenance. From managing the landscaping to maintaining the appliances and fixtures, it can be a lot of work and money. Not to mention cleaning those extra bathrooms!


If you live in a multi-story home, think about whether you will want to climb stairs to get to your bedroom at 85 years old.

Family Visits

Paying for and maintaining a larger one for the few family get togethers doesn’t always make financial sense. Everyone will always want to gather at your home – but they can stay in a nearby hotel or VRBO. With the money you save on the smaller home, you can even cover those costs if you feel so inclined.

New Neighbors

In SCCL there are always opportunities to meet your neighbors and make friends with similar interests. With special interest clubs, exercise classes, sports, and smaller neighborhood events, the options are endless.

In a nutshell, we can guarantee that more than anything, your family wants you to be financially secure and happy during retirement. And, no matter where you live, the memories you made along the way are priceless to them.

Of course, in Sun City, many of us already made the decision to downsize. But, chances are you have friends who are still trying to decide whether to move or not to move. If so, please encourage them to call us. We can help them evaluate their options to make the decision that is best for them!

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