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“Living in Sun City is a lot like living in Disney World for adults or a Cruise ship that doesn’t leave port!” This is what a Sun City resident recently said about living in Sun City Carolina Lakes. She isn’t wrong….


When you drive into Sun City Carolina Lakes, it feels like you are entering a resort. The community is beautiful with well-tended and mature landscaping everywhere you look. And residents say the resort-style amenities are no joke! With two large amenity centers and a golf club, the sports, fitness and activity options are immense. Sports range from tennis, pickleball and bocce ball at the sports courts to softball and horseshoes at the community park. Stay fit at the indoor or outdoor pool and fitness center and sign up for fitness classes, or walk on your own on the miles of trails that wind through the neighborhood. Get involved in a variety of clubs and special interest groups ranging from theater and hobbies to mahjong and bridge groups. Learn woodworking, ceramics, or join a book club. If you want, your schedule will be full every day of the week!


Many people like living here because they have an active social life in the community. There are events at The Lake House, The Lodge, and the Community Park on a regular basis. At the community baseball park, residents mingle and cheer their neighbors on while munching on burgers grilled up by the Tailgaters club. Smaller groups can be found having coffee at the Lake House Cafe or lunch at the golf club, sometimes over a game of cards. The Singles Club hosts low pressure events where members go to movies, cocktail parties and cookouts. And, each community “Pod” hosts its own block parties, holiday progessive dinners, lunch outings and happy hours. 

What to do

While you can get anywhere in the community driving your golf cart, there are times when you may want to get out on the open road. For those with wanderlust, the travel groups are always looking for new adventurers. Whether you want to take a trip to a local garden, drive to uptown Charlotte for a football game, or go on a cruise to Greece, there will be friends and neighbors who want to join the trip! 

If you do leave town, you can do so with peace of mind. Many residents enjoy close relationships with friends and neighbors who they also can rely on to pick up their mail and keep an eye on the house when they travel. And, when you are unable to get out of the house, you can count on someone to check in on you. Many residents checked in on their less mobile neighbors and brought them groceries during Covid-19 quarantine. Residents feel safe and know someone is looking out for them!

The active adult lifestyle in Sun City is what makes the community special. From the people to the amenities, there is something for everyone in Sun City Carolina Lakes! 

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